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“Greta Van Fleet seemed to emerge from the ether as fully formed prodigies, channeling Led Zeppelin and leaping to the front of the pack. They have the look and sound of classic rockers yet have embraced the earthy realism of singers like Janis Joplin and Buddy Guy and the soulfulness of Sam & Dave. Their talent is breathtaking and their reach is beyond the stratosphere.”
Bo White – Review Magazine

gvf mlive2By: Cara Boyer
March 19, 2014 “Our lead guitarist and composer Jake Kiszka defines the meaning of tone and attitude in a riff in which the rest of the song will be based on,” the band said. “From here, the configuration evolves into full form, adding the meticulous scrutiny of one Daniel Wagner and Samuel F. Kiszka of the rhythm section, and to fill from this phase to the last is the invention of lyrics and vocal inflection by lead singer Josh M. Kiszka.”

The band explained that their songs are raw and speak the truth—one of which (“Standing On”) is featured in the new 2014 Chevy Equinox ad, presented by your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers.

Collectively, they agree that their favorite aspect of playing music is the expression it provides, as well as being able to share the love that music bears to everyone. The fans also play a big part in what’s best about the music industry.

“Without our exceptional fans there would be no Greta Van Fleet. This fan base believes in us and what we are doing, we’ve never seen such devoted people; ranging from all ages and from all genres, these people just love the music,” the band said.

In between playing in the band and studying for fifth period, the guys enjoy exploring culture and traveling to places unknown. As for Greta Van Fleet’s future?

“We could be anywhere,” the band said. “We aim for the cosmos and hope to land somewhere high.”
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